Major Cost Savings with Aubel for Concrete Repair and Renovation

We know that reducing downtime is key to saving costs in the process of concrete repair and renovation of mission critical infrastructure in warehousing, industry, and transport infrastructure. The costs of downtime are often several times higher than the total cost of the repair works. MgAubel has developed high performance smart eco-materials that cut time of concrete repair and renovation by 50%.

MgAubel, a YES!Delft scaleup and EIT Climate KIC Venture Competition Award 2016 winner, has grown from developing its core technology in 2015 to delivery of turnkey repair and renovation of infrastructure in the port of Rotterdam. Successful applications include warehouse floors, road repair, and quay walls, all meeting the requirements of heavy-duty applications.

It is our mission to deliver turnkey repair and renovation solutions for mission critical infrastructure in the shortest time possible, eco-friendly and at lowest total cost of ownership. The seasoned team of MgAubel is built on the foundations of Lean Startup, and its core values integrity, freedom, agility and open collaboration.

When infrastructure needs repair, it gets usually sourced at the lowest contracting price. But the lowest price solution may not always work. In cases of time constraint operations repair and renovation always need to be ready on time. Think of perishable goods that cannot enter the conditioned warehouse, trains that cannot drive according to schedule or ships that cannot dock. Therefore, we focus on timely availability of infrastructure.

MgAubel products are sold under the trusted Aubel brand. Aubel is our ‘turnkey’ system for concrete repair and renovation. Aubel products offer eco-friendly solutions for concrete that has been damaged by mechanical impact, or has deteriorated due to adverse weather conditions, chloride-ions, contaminants, or aging.

Aubel looks like concrete, and it makes infrastructure available up to 30 times faster than with conventional concrete renovation. This is enabled by the rapid setting of our materials and application processes. Its mineral system has a unique combination of fast curing, low drying shrinkage and excellent adhesive properties. As a result, infrastructure can return faster to service, while our system re-establishes the long-term durability and load bearing capacity of the structure.

The Aubel products comply with the standards, including EN 1504-3:2005, Class R4 and DIN 18202, Table 3, group 3 and 4. Moreover, our materials are resistant to wear, water, seawater, de-icing salts. The Aubel products have been widely tested within the port of Rotterdam area (references on request).