Major Cost Savings with Aubel for Concrete Repair and Renovation

We know that reducing downtime is key to saving costs in the process of concrete repair and renovation of transport and industrial infrastructures. The costs of downtime are often several times higher than the entire cost of the repair job. So, MgAubel has developed high performance smart-eco materials that cut the time of concrete repair and renovation by 50%.

MgAubel offers tailor-made products and services which include analysis of the situation, 'fit-for-purpose' high quality material solutions, technical customer support, and just-in-time deliveries. All this results in net cost benefits for the entire supply chain.

MgAubel products are sold under the tried and trusted Aubel brand. Our innovative product range offers fast curing properties, combined with high adhesive strength and minimal drying shrinkage. All products are thoroughly tested, durable and sustainable.

Aubel products enable fast and durable construction with minimal downtime. This translates into much lower total cost of ownership, based on our proven mineral system. The Aubel products have been widely tested within the Port of Rotterdam area (references on request).

Aubel products offer eco-friendly solutions for concrete that has been damaged by mechanical impact, or has deteriorated due to adverse weather conditions, chloride-ions, contaminants, or extreme environments. They re-establish the long-term durability and load bearing capacity of concrete.

Fast setting times mean faster return to service, and extending the lifecycle of the structure, while matching the concrete’s properties.

Aubel Repair

Aubel Repair is your solution for maintenance, repair and renovation when structural objects need to be operational within 6 to 24 hours. Aubel Repair can be hand troweled, formed, underpoured, or wet spray applied, while meeting the requirements of EN 1504-03:2005, Class R4.

Aubel Infra

Aubel Infra is your solution for repair and renovation of heavy structures that require availability within 24 hours.