Several countries in Europe, North America and Asia have each announced plans to invest in their civil infrastructure, now is the time to vastly reduce the global environmental impact of construction.

The concrete industry accounts for 7% of worldwide CO2 emissions – more than three times the entire airline industry. But, whereas aviation companies have major research programmes investigating new fuels, the building materials trade is dominated by a few giant players. There is no political pressure for this sector to innovate. There is no pressing reason to reduce their environmental impact.


MgAubel wants to lead the movement to change this approach.


We’re accessing decades of high-tech research conducted by leading-specialists in this sector. We have full backing from Delft University of Technology and others.


Our goal has been to replace concrete with new building materials. They should be stronger and longer lasting, with significantly less environmental impact. We have a team in place who understands how this can be done.


We have developed a patented process to manufacture these materials on site where needed, making maximum use of locally-available industrial by-products


We’ve now reached a tipping point where our first commercial “concrete replacement” is ready for market. We have completed extensive trials with launching customers such as Rotterdam Harbour and we’re ready to scale up our activities.


The Netherlands has built a global reputation for its world-class delta engineering. We believe we can build teams to build a similar reputation for smart eco-materials. The legal need for governments and industry to meet strict new environmental legislation works in our favour.


We know that in order to drive change in the 21st century we have to build the company in a different way. We want to lead an ecosystem of efficient and agile companies rather than emulate the existing chemical giants.


Winning the Venture Competition would help accelerate our scale up phase.  Partnering with Climate-KIC has already proved to be important to us. They act as a catalyst to help in


-         Reaching the early adopters of new materials technologies. These will include governments and industrial contractors. The Dutch market is an excellent showcase for our capabilities. But we need the expertise in the Climate-KIC network in order to scale responsibly with trusted partners in other parts of the EU.


-         Gaining access to business strategists and investment funds to help us scale the company at the right pace and with the best-qualified people. As tenders for new projects are offered in different parts of the world, we need to partner at the right time with the best solution. We’re based in the heart of a vibrant innovative economy. But we need to harness our national ability for open collaboration in order to grow faster in the face of global competition.


-         Being part of a visible European public movement for practical solutions to climate change. In order for change to happen, practical alternatives need to be in place. We believe we can contribute. 


-         Broadening our links to relevant academic expertise. We already work with some of the world’s best materials scientists. But we know that Climate KIC may have connections to other relevant partners. We need to maintain an open, collaborative culture within our company and in everything we do.

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